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Founded in 2017, Simplified COO Shares their passion for the dental industry by helping others achieve success through operational leadership. They have spent years partnering with DSO leadership and owner doctors helping them achieve the results they want and get the success they deserve.

Meet the Founder

With 20 years in the dental service organization space, Kevin Wheeler has worked diligently to be a respected leader, influencer, and coach. His teams have achieved personal success and acquired over 107 performance-driven company awards throughout their DSO engagements.

Our Mission

The overall strength of SimplifiedCoo is developing dentists to gain higher case acceptance on the treatment they diagnose and ensure they have a highly supportive and efficient team to continue this growth.

Kevin and his team have driven great financial results through cause marketing to gain both revenue increases and patient/community involvement. Of the 327 offices they have directly overseen, all of them have achieved new revenue growth records within the first 6 months. Through acquisitions, integrations, and denovos(start-ups), Kevin has engaged over 600 office transitions toward excellence.

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